Jenn Im’s inspiration and dream.



Jenn Im is my style icon, i’ve started watching her videos a year ago, and really liked her style. She is also very humble, always trying to help the girls out there to find ways to dress their old clothes, fashion tips and even hair and makeup tutorials.

For Jenn, fashion was always an interest. she said: “I suppose I was always pretty fashion conscious when I was younger, like most girls,” she said. “I just like the fact that I can dress around my mood. It’s the only way I really know how to express myself.”

Her channel: Clothesencounters

Which really inspired me to dress well too, the way i dress is how i express myself, such as wearing dark colours for me does not mean that im boring and dull, it actually boasts my confident, like how she pulled off just a simple black dress so well, she layered with some accessories over too.

Not only her style is unique, her personality is really positive and inspirational too.

She is also very original; other than the fashion bloggers/vloggers online.


“This interest translated to watching fashion videos on YouTube. In fact, the first time Jenn, then 20, even considered making videos, was after watching clothing hauls on the website. “I was always fascinated with the concept of fashion hauls on YouTube where girls would show on camera what they had just bought at the store,” she said. “I really enjoyed having an extra pair of eyes on all my favorite stores.” So after watching fashion hauls galore, Jenn figured out what could be improved and decided to bring her own edge into the game. “Unfortunately, none of the channels would show the clothing on, so I didn’t know what the shape and silhouette was like,” she said.  “I thought it was something I could bring to the table.” That realization was the seed that gave birth to Clothes Encounters. ”

She started off watching other people’s videos, and now millions of people is watching her.

Unique, beautiful and quirky.


Clothesencounters started off with two people, herself and her best friend, Sarah.

Due to travelling and moving, Jenn have to do her videos herself.

“After Jenn thought to make YouTube videos, her next thought rested on her best friend. “I wanted my best friend, Sarah, to do it with me,” she said.”

How cute.


Always stay humble, stay strong and keep the ball rollin’, Jenn.

“Despite it all, the YouTube stardom has not gotten to their heads. “We don’t consider ourselves famous at all. When it boils down to it, we’re still just two girls who enjoy fashion,” Jenn said.”


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